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James Harden isn't always the flashiest, but he's nothing if not methodical and effective.

Even in a game that doesn't count in the NBA standings, and even after he gets dunked on by a lesser (but still pretty good) player.

That's what happened Sunday in the final of Los Angeles' Drew League, when the Southland native was absolutely put on a poster by Compton's own DeMar DeRozan, a onetime All-Star with the Toronto Raptors:

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But true to form, the Houston Rockets star and players' MVP waited for his moment to strike ... then did this, over fellow Angeleno Nick Young, for what was the eventual game-winner:

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Harden's team, LAUNFD (L.A. Unified), eventually beat Most Hated Players 98-93 in the final to continue a strong run in the Drew League.

And Harden wasn't just a one-play wonder. As he does, Harden had a game.

Is it NBA season yet?

H/T Bleacher Report

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If you have been following the saga of Swaggy P (Nick Young), then you know about one of his most important rules to Swaggdom:

Yeah, that rule.

So you can imagine our dismay when rumors began running rampant with talk of fresh ink on his right arm. Then our shock grew when the official Drew League Instagram page confirmed the murmurings:

Even Swaggy P himself posted a picture revealing the unmistakable face of the late hip-hop legend Tupac Shakur on his right forearm:

Let's get ready @drewleague tomorrow #LookAtBigMeatStomachTho

A photo posted by Nick Young (@swaggyp1) on

While this is an incredibly "swaggy" and justified choice of ink, it does not change the fact that Young broke his own clearly stated rule. Which leads us to ask the burning questions:

Is Nick Young still Swaggy P?

Will he still be able to get buckets?

Has Iggy changed him?

Will he have Tupac's face covered with Biggie's if he gets traded to the East Coast?

Is this bold move prompted by the Lakers' 21-61 record last season?

While only time will tell, it seems that his new tattoo could be for the best as the most recent Drew League Player of the Week is indeed getting buckets. Proof:

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There's a Nick Young quote that is one of the 21st century's greatest:

Now here is the Los Angeles Lakers guard, in a Drew League game, after an opponent had tied up the game with his own clutch shot:

The behind-the-back dribble. Then the bucket.

Swaggy P's words in action.

Just how he likes it.

H/T For The Win

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Even with Kobe Bryant back, the Los Angeles Lakers seem sure to endure another difficult campaign in the impossibly good Western Conference.


That's right -- trouble's a-brewing in the Southland, and it has to do with Nick Young. Not his six- to eight-week absence with a torn thumb ligament, but new point guard Jeremy Lin's refusal to call Young by his somewhat self-applied nickname, "Swaggy P."

"He's super-cool," Lin told the media last week. "But I just find it ridiculous that everyone comes in and just calls him 'Swaggy.' You've got to earn it or something, and maybe he has but I just got here, so maybe I'll adopt [it] eventually."

What must he do to earn it, asked a reporter?

"It has to be something that I see," Lin said, "that when I look at him he just glows with Swaggy-ness."

Perhaps sensing the oncoming controversy, Lin walked back on his stance a little, adding: "He's hilarious. He's hilarious. He's really cool. So just out of respect for him being eight years in, if he wants me to call him Swaggy P, I guess I will. But besides that I'll call him Nick Young."

Sorry, Mr. Lin. Damage, done. If the Lakers don't make the playoffs, it won't be because the San Antonio Spurs, Oklahoma City Thunder, Los Angeles Clippers, Golden State Warriors, Dallas Mavericks, Memphis Grizzlies, Portland Trail Blazers, Houston Rockets, Phoenix Suns, Denver Nuggets and New Orleans Pelicans are all probably better.

It'll be because you questioned Nick Young's swaggy-ness.


Riding a Zamboni with the Los Angeles Kings

Volunteering as Lakers coach; throwing out horrible first pitch at Dodgers game

Playing 3-on-3 with random dudes in NYC

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Happy Mother's Day! Here's hoping you sons out there didn't forget. A number of athletes sure didn't, taking to social media to share photos and deliver special messages to some of the most important women in their lives.

Kevin Durant, whose emotional NBA MVP acceptance speech included much love for his mother, Wanda Pratt, shared this powerful image before his Oklahoma City Thunder took on the Los Angeles Clippers in Game 4 of their Western Conference semifinal:

Teammate Russell Westbrook was among many other NBA stars to take time out -- some from their still-active playoff runs -- to show their love. Also among them: Paul George, the Indiana Pacers All-Star whose mother, Paulette, suffered a stroke when he was 10.

In the NFL, Seattle Seahawks Pro Bowl safety Earl Thomas paid tribute to his mother, Debbie, a cancer survivor who was diagnosed two years before Earl was born (she calls him her "miracle baby"):

San Francisco 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick sent a greeting to his mother and sister, while teammate NaVorro Bowman got his mom quite the gift:

Newly minted draft picks Sammy Watkins and Carlos Hyde joined NFL players Cameron Jordan and Chance Warmack in talking about their favorite mom-related memories:

Courtesy of Relativity Sports

And on the baseball diamond, where teams throughout Major League Baseball are using pink balls, bats, cleats and other accessories, the Milwaukee Brewers' Carlos Gomez went an extra step to show love for all the moms of the world:

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