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Manhattan to keep Masiello

Lying on his résumé cost Steve Masiello the chance to coach the South Florida men's basketball team, but won't cost him his old job at Manhattan. The school on Monday announced that Masiello can return to the Jaspers once he completes his undergraduate degree, which he falsely said he already earned at Kentucky. Masiello is 10 credits shy and will take classes during the next couple of months, according to sources. Associate head coach Matt Grady will take over in the interim. Do you agree with the decision?

  • Do you agree with Manhattan's decision to retain Steve Masiello?


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  • If you were a collegiate athlete, would you think less of your head coach if it came out that he/she lied on a résumé?


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  • If you were a Manhattan basketball player, which would bother you more about Steve Masiello?


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  • Have you ever lied about something on your résumé?


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