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According to the McCallie School's YouTube channel, their rivalry with fellow Chattanooga, Tennessee-based prep school Baylor is one of the greatest in all of high school football and the oldest in the state. So naturally, the student body is getting hyped for the upcoming showdown.

How hyped? This much:

We can think of no better way to make an opponent fearful before squaring off under Friday night lights than a highly produced hype tape set to Jay Z and Rihanna's "Run This Town."

There a lot of things that make this video awesome. First off, those girls? They don't even go there. Yeah, they brought in reinforcements, including someone with impressive vocal range to play the role of RiRi.

Second, they made their own lyrics. With lines such as "come my way, like I am Fetty." in reference to rapper Fetty Wap's song "Come My Way". We're not mad at it.

Third? The constantly rotating backdrop is superb. They appear to be on a bridge, and then on a cliff in the wilderness. How did they get up there? Who cares. What matters is that this is one heck of a production.

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Cam Newton's Superman celebration is considered just that, a celebration. But when a Charlotte-area high school quarterback mimicked Newton after scoring a touchdown in a playoff game, he was ejected for unsportsmanlike conduct. Were the referees too harsh by sending him to the locker room early, or was the punishment deserved?

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