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As befitting a profession in which one must hurl a ball at ludicrous speeds toward gentlemen who could potentially send it hurtling back at even more ludicrous speeds, pitchers in major league baseball can be a bit emotional.

Witness Roger Clemens throwing a bat at Mike Piazza, or Carlos Zambrano destroying a water cooler, or Francisco Rodriguez pointing to the sky after a big strikeout. Or, if you want a more recent example, consider that of Matt "Big Game" Garza.

Garza has seen Evan Longoria's tower buzzed before, so when Joba Chamberlain threw at the talented third baseman, Garza felt he had to respond. Down went Mark Teixeira in the next inning, and both benches were warned. Significantly, Garza admitted to throwing at Teixeira on purpose, which is either refreshing or dumb, depending on your temperament and affiliation.

Beanball wars aren't a new thing in baseball, but they're usually couched in some semblance of denial ("My hand slipped"/"It just got away from me"/"I was distracted by a wave of ennui"). Garza's straightforwardness may be bold or dumb, but one thing is for certain: it'll cost him some spending money.


Overall, I love the affect this has on the AL East. We need to see more blood boiling rivalry.

-- jasonbye


-- rex_aau_coach

What a baby. If you he was going to throw in retaliation, he had ample opportunity to hit Jeter at the top of the inning. That pitch barely grazed Teixeira. If that was retaliation, perhaps that is the reason that the Rays are floundering in third place and look hapless, much like last night.

-- yankeejoe225

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A week ago, we were debating who would be the best fit to replace David Ortiz in the lineup. Two weeks ago, two out of every three people were convinced Big Papi's days as a productive player were over. But today, Ortiz is just the latest headache for the Yankees. Another Ortiz home run -- his third in his last five games -- helped fuel the Red Sox to their eighth win in a row this season against the Bronx Bombers. So is Ortiz officially back?

SportsNation blogger habbs7342 sounds like a Yankees fan who has had enough, which doesn't exactly make him unique. What might be considered a slight departure from the norm is the constructive cristicism offered. For starters, put Joba Chamberlain in the bullpen.

Good idea or bad idea? Ask Jerry Crasnick about it in chat at 12 p.m. ET.

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