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On Tuesday, "First Take" debated the Dolphins picking Ryan Tannehill as their starting quarterback over incumbent Matt Moore. Skip Bayless thinks this is a mistake, as he doesn't believe Tannehill is actually better than Moore right now, but Stephen A. Smith thinks the move fits with the Dolphins' philosophy of getting younger as a team. What's your take?

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Whatever else you want to say about LeBron James (keep it clean, Cleveland), the guy knows how to build drama. Even with reports surfacing before his televised spectacle that he would sign with the Heat, there was some genuine uncertainty about what would come out of his mouth that night. As for Brett Favre's future plans? Let's just say the sequel isn't playing out with quite as much suspense as last summer's original.

Only 18 percent of SportsNation voters think there is any uncertainty, with 3 percent convinced he's retiring and 79 percent convinced he's coming back. But as's NFL bloggers prove, there are always plenty of more intriguing questions to ponder.

1. Is Bob Sanders still an elite NFL safety?

Paul Kurhasky blogs: "Safety Bob Sanders only played in two games last season, the first for Larry Coyer as the Colts' defensive coordinator. Defenders loved that Coyer started incorporating some blitzes, something the team almost never did under Ron Meeks. I imagine Sanders as a scary blitzer who will get his chances for shots at quarterbacks." | AFC South blog | Vote

2. Will Joe Flacco and Anquan Boldin be the AFC North's best combination?

James Walker blogs: "That's where Boldin comes in. His job is to become the No. 1 target for third-year player Joe Flacco, who is trying to become one of the NFL's better quarterbacks. Boldin's presence also should take some of the pressure off Pro Bowl tailback Ray Rice and the running game." | AFC North blog | Vote

3. Is Laurence Maroney the answer or part of the problem?

Tim Graham blogs: "Maroney has never been able to rush for more than 835 yards in a season. He's averaged 3.9 and 3.3 yards a carry in 2009 and 2008, respectively.

This is the final year of Maroney's contract and if he doesn't start to live up to his first-round selection -- the 21st player selected overall in 2006 -- the Patriots will be looking to draft a back in 2011." | AFC East blog | Vote

4. Is Vernon Davis the face of the 49ers franchise?

Sacramento Bee's Matt Barrow via Mike Sando's blog: "Davis, it seems, has become the 49ers' go-to player not only when they need a touchdown on the field but when they need to sell the team and the league off of it. And why not? He's confident (just ask him), he's good-looking (just ask him), he's eager to please and he has a seemingly inexhaustible supply of energy." | NFC West blog | Vote

5. Will Jimmy Clausen start for the Panthers this season?

John Clayton blogs: "Clausen, as a quarterback prospect, is just what the Panthers have been looking for as a replacement for the departed Jake Delhomme. He's smart, talented and comes from a big-time school in Notre Dame. But [Panthers coach John] Fox doesn't have the luxury to think long term. Despite his success, Fox is in the final year of his contract and there is a good chance he could leave after the season. Fox must win now, which can be difficult with a rookie quarterback. " | NFC South blog | Vote

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