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So much for a chance for Robinson Cano to boost his MVP candidacy with some free airtime (granted, it's not like people who play for the Yankees hurt for exposure). The Home Run Derby wanted Robinson Cano, and Cano wanted to take part in the Home Run Derby.

There was only one small problem. The team that pays Cano wasn't interested. Citing a back injury hampering their second baseman, the Bronx Bombers pulled Cano from the hitting contest. And at least one fan thinks that's a dive worthy of a yellow card.

Pete (San Francisco)

Who are your AL and NL MVP's at the half-way-point of the season? I know we still have half a season to play, but if you were forced to choose someone from each league to be an MVP at this point in the season, who would it be?

Joe Morgan
Joe Morgan

In the AL, I would pick Robinson Cano. His team has the best record in the league and he's their leader, their star player. He's been their most productive and consistent player on their team. The NL is a little toughter. I would have to give it to 2-3 guys: David Wright, Troy Glaus, Pujols. Then I'd have to give Scott Rolen and Joey Votto a nod. I don't think it's as clear cut in the NL as it is in the AL. Full transcript.

Dan (Detroit, mi)

Is Miguel Cabrera the best hitter in MLB today?

Jerry Crasnick
Jerry Crasnick

Dan, Even though Albert Pujols isn't having quite an Albert Pujols-type of year, it's hard to pick anybody over him. Still, Cabrera is having an amazing year. He's got to be right in the MVP mix in the AL. Full transcript.

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If you believe in the value of UZR ratings, as U.S.S. Mariner blogger Dave Cameron explains, Franklin Gutierrez had one of the best defensive seasons by an outfielder in recent memory -- and perhaps ever. If you're a Gold Glove voter, Derek Jeter is the best defensive shortstop in the American League.

You've got a better chance of building an elevator to outer space than bridging that gap.

In the most questionable use of gold outside of late-night infomercials, baseball's signature defensive awards were handed out for the American League Tuesday, based on the votes of the league's managers and coaches. Rob Neyer can't believe Orioles outfielder Adam Jones got the nod over Gutierrez, among other baffling decisions. And Jeter, who SportsNation thought didn't deserve the Hank Aaron Award as the AL's best offensive player, now has a second award voters don't think he earned.


Jeter winning is a joke.. He's not even the best Shortstop on his team. I guess you can't get errors on all the balls you can't reach.

-- hendu29

STOP LOOKING AT FIELDING PERCENTAGE AND EVEN ERRORS TO DETERMINE HOW GOOD A FIELDER IS. Try looking at actual range. A person who gets to more balls is of course more likely to have more errors and a slightly lower fielding percentage. Does that mean he's a worse fielder? NO. So stop saying "so-and-so had a good fielding percentage so he deserved it." You just make yourself look like an ignorant moron.

-- complexity.

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Sid Bream, Aaron Boone and Dave Roberts will attest that it's not always the biggest names who make the plays that get teams to the World Series. But it doesn't hurt to have the big guns on your side. The bad news is SportsNation's picks for the NL MVP (Albert Pujols), AL MVP (Joe Mauer), NL Cy Young (Tim Lincecum) and AL CY Young (Zack Greinke) are all home watching on television. At least we've still got one of the Molina brothers.

Colin Cowherd and Michelle Beadle are looking for your rankings on the best remaining players for Thursday's "SportsNation" (ESPN2. 4 p.m. and midnight ET), but voters have already made it known who they would least want to face with the game on the line.

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Remember back when CC Sabathia was a postseason question mark, and Alex Rodriguez was the postseason answer you knew you didn't want? In other words, remember last week? Now people can't get enough of the Yankees' latest primetime playoff performers.

Sabathia had allowed 22 earned runs and 22 walks in his first 25 postseason innings. But after a strong outing against the Twins in the division series, he now edges out Philadelphia's Cliff Lee as SportsNation's first choice to start a must-win game.

And after driving in 17 runs in his first 39 postseason games, A-Rod drove in six in three games against the Twins. But with the game on the line in the ninth inning, would you rather have Rodriguez at the plate than Derek Jeter?


This is the right move. With the 3 off days it only makes CC pitch on short rest once that is game 4, and it makes the bullpen deeper. Starters only need to go 6 innings. Joba 7th, Hughes 8th, Mo 9th game over.

-- con1030

Jeter in the regular season: .317/.388./459. Jeter in the post season: .311/.380/.477. So no, Jeter isn't "clutch", he's just a damn good player.

-- yanks23242

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Michelle Beadle and Colin Cowherd avoided weekend upsets and maintained their places in the rankings, so they'll be back for more "SportsNation" TV.

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Juan Manuel Marquez If drinking your own urine was beneficial, would you do it?
Boxer Juan Manuel Marquez drinks his own urine ahead of matches. The WBO's 122-pound champ says it's a good source of vitamins.

Lacrosse Do on-field brawls help or hurt lesser-know leagues?
A fight between the Brampton Excelsiors and the New Westminster Salmonbellies resulted in 173 penalty minutes and five ejections.

Torii Hunter Are MLBers too concerned with respect?
Torii Hunter said the Angels would have thrown at Prince Fielder, who untucked his shirt as he as he trotted the bases after a game-winning HR on Sunday.

Andre Woodson Did the Redskins gain an advantage over the Giants?
Washington signed former New York backup QB Andre Woodson to its practice squad on Sunday, just a week before the two teams meet.

Bengals Will the Bengals win at least 12 games this season?
The experts on tab Cincinnati at third in the division and say anything better completely depends on a healthy Carson Palmer.

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