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It's a time for optimism in the NBA, where Anthony Randolph can get hearts fluttering in the Bay Area after tying a Las Vegas Summer League record with 42 points in a game (all right, not every heart). Heck, it's a time when even Knicks fans can shelve the cynicism for a few seconds, as SportsNation blogger allikskat does in making a case for a Big Apple revival.

And then there are the Lakers, who ought to be in the best mood of all.

Colin Cowherd and Kobe Bryant began their conversation on "The Herd" (click on the link on the left to hear the whole thing) by discussing the simple pleasures of parenthood. Then they moved on to Lamar Odom. At least, we think there's a separation between talking offspring and talking about a guy who sustains himself on candy.

After seeing Trevor Ariza and Hedo Turkoglu cash in on stellar postseason performances, it's no surprise Odom wants to cash in on his. But soon after the NBA Finals, SportsNation placed him a distant third to those two when it came to enhanced reputations. And when it came to Ariza or Odom remaining alongside Kobe, Odom was the consolation prize.

deuces take two

buss needs to just take the hit and consider it punishment for the other poor deals he's done. I remember during the finals celebration he was talking about doing whatever it took to keep the championship pieces in place.....doesn't look that way. Sure Odom is stalling but Buss isn't doing much better

-- Deuces Take Two

Odom better wise up and sign for the $9 mill per season. I heard him crying about not being on the ESPN best "Free Agents". Wise up Lamar and re-sign. The Lakers are the team to beat for the next 5 years. Something special is brewing in LA.

-- bleednd82

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All Dwyane Wade wants in order to secure his stay in Miami is a team capable of contending for a championship again. And for our part, we salute his willingness to put aside his contractual concerns in pursuit of wins. What's that? That's all he wants, as long as you don't count a max contract as part of what he wants? That doesn't seem quite as selfless.

Becoming the latest athlete to publicly play armchair general manager (and in his defense, he's more qualified than Ryan Bruan), Wade suggested his willingness to let the Heat empty the bank vaults is linked to the team getting good in a hurry. Of course, he may have a point, at least if you're one of many thinking Michael Beasley and Jermaine O'Neal are not championship-caliber sidekicks.


I know wade is a good guy (from what i know), but I think there are sometimes ball players should worry about doing their job (playing ball) and staying out of the economics. I know D wade is a special player, but if the owner thought he could fill the seats with a player making half of Dwade money, its only a good business decision. Its great that he cares about winning. But in times like these, i think it makes sense for players to the be quiet and take the money.

-- yodaspeaks

Ooooh I never wanted to imagine the possibilities but after hearing this I can hope he comes home to Chicago. C'mon Wade you have Rose at the point so therefore never a double team on you.

-- GridIronMaidens

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Frivolous spending is out. In tough economic times, there's no room in budgets for impulse buys and casual spending. Which leads to the question of whether players like Ben Gordon and Trevor Ariza are worthwhile investments or NBA free agency's version of the Snuggie?

NBA free agency is upon us, which may be more significant to many in the NBA as the one-year warning for a 2010 class that could include the likes of LeBron James, Dwyane Wade, Dirk Nowitzki and Travis Diener (or Steve Nash; take your pick on that last one).

At least a class headlined by Ariza, Jason Kidd and potentially Carlos Boozer is more compelling than this year's middling draft class.


Iverson has plenty left. in the right system and in the right lineup, he's still a very productive player if not a star in the league still. the only concern that i'd even have is his health. he's got a lot of hard miles and injuries on that body of his, but I think he has it in him to go to a team and contribute a lot. I agree, however, that it's not a great time to be a free agent, and based on that, I don't know how much he'll get on his contract this summer. something tells me he's going to sign with a contender at a discount price.

-- teniskoala


-- gamenight5

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