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Sticks and stones may break bones, but batting helmets never seem to hurt anyone.

In another baseball brouhaha that was more sports creationism than sweet science, Kevin Youkilis charged the mound after being hit by Rick Porcello in the second inning of Tuesday's game between the Red Sox and Tigers. And it would seem to us that if you have a helmet in one hand and a bat in the other, and you elect to take the former into combat and leave the latter at the plate, you're pretty much admitting you shouldn't be going out there at all.

But aside from making for amusing video and brightening Ozzie Guillen's day, the brawl also got us wondering which batter would you least want to see rumbling toward the mound?


Man, I could watch Kevin Youkilis get slammed down by Porcello all day every day. Classic!

-- Bro_Montana

Youk 220 and porcello 200....and youk is 6'1 and porcello is 6'5....youk was dumb to go to go low if you want to knock him down...Youk tackles like the Lions....

-- afkas4242

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Tuesday was a busy night. You had the Magic and the Lakers in the NBA Finals and the Penguins and Red Wings dueling for the Cup. There was MLB action like the Red Sox and Yankees and Mets and Phillies. And Spencer Michels was talking green energy grid on Jim Lehrer. There's only so much one DVR can hold.

So if you happened to miss SportsCenter's Top 10 Plays, we're there for you.

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