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When it comes to betting on sports, New York City mayor Bill de Blasio is a man of his word.

If there was any silver lining for Mets fans after New York lost to the Kansas City Royals 4-1 in the World Series, it was that they got to see their city's mayor, a man who governs over about 8.5 million people, sing a 56-year-old blues song surrounded by ballerinas.

Shortly before the World Series, de Blasio reached out to Kansas City mayor Sly James with the bet: Losing team's mayor sings the winner's song in a jersey. Had the Mets won, James would've sang "New York, New York" and given de Blasio a little Kansas City BBQ.

Here's the result:

That's the American Ballet Theatre backing de Blasio up on "Kansas City," an old standard sung by countless bands, not least of them The Beatles. (Here's their version.) If you had to describe de Blasio's performance in one word, what would it be? Would it be "frosty"?

In addition to that tasty song, he also passed along some New York cheesecakes to Mayor James.

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Talk about leaving your mark on the game.

In the fourth inning of the Mets' 3-1 win over the Dodgers in Game 1 of the NLDS on Friday, Mets second baseman Daniel Murphy smashed a baseball so hard he literally left his name on it.

That's from the ink stamped on his bat. Essentially, Murphy tattooed his 407-foot shot with the reverse image of his name.

Here's a photo of how his name looks on the barrel of his bats.

The shot gave the Mets a 1-0 lead. ESPN Stats & Info notes that Carlos Delgado and Edgardo Alfonzo are the only other Mets to hit a dinger in their postseason debut.

There was more fun to be had after the game, too. Pitcher Jacob deGrom, fresh off striking out 13 over seven scoreless innings, pranked Murphy during the news conference by lowering his chair.

"Yowzers," Murphy said. "This is messed up, Jake."

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It started with a couple of kids giving Hunter Pence a good-natured, sign-based ribbing when his San Francisco Giants visited the New York Mets:

Then, it became an all-out "thing," as other fans followed suit and the hashtag #HunterPenceSigns was born.

How did the former All-Star respond? By turning them into memes:

Oh, and his girlfriend, Alexis Cozombolidis, did, too:

Hunter Pence

wins the Internet.

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