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J.J. Redick is typically a thoughtful quote.

He is introspective, patient and rarely dismisses a question.

So after his Los Angeles Clippers snuck out of Detroit with a 105-103 overtime win -- that wouldn't have been possible without Redick drilling a game-tying 3 late in the fourth quarter -- Redick raised eyebrows when he bounced out of his postgame interview with Fox Sports abruptly (and hilariously):

His main competition appeared to be Jamal Crawford, who bolted from his own interview to try to beat Redick into the locker room.

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It's no secret there has been some drama between the Los Angeles Clippers and the Dallas Mavericks franchises lately.

If you followed along during the NBA offseason, you know that they played a game of tug-of-war over a certain DeAndre Jordan.

Mavs owner Mark Cuban hasn't made an effort to hide his displeasure over the matter. On Thursday night, he seized the opportunity to set the record straight, saying:

"I mean, I don't hate the Clippers ... I just don't give a s--- about the Clippers."

But lucky for us, the Kiss Cam doesn't discriminate:

Nothing to see here, just a few NBA owners forced to "kiss and make up."

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Phil Jackson's influence on the NBA continues, and not just with the New York Knicks.

Los Angeles Clippers coach Doc Rivers joined Twitter on Monday, and we have the Zen Master to thank for it.

That was Rivers' first tweet. As of 7:30 p.m. local time, he hadn't shared any other thoughts, submitted a late entry into the DeAndre Jordan emoji battle, nor sent a tweet to @warriors reading something like "hey u got lucky last year." (Kidding! We know that's not exactly what Rivers said.)

But we are expecting big things from Rivers on the 140-character (for now) website, as he has long been one of the best quotes across all sports.

While we wait, it's time to dream about who might be next.

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On Wednesday evening, we spoke with NBA great and current Los Angeles Clippers small forward Paul Pierce, aka The Truth, in an interview to promote "Guitar Hero Live."

Yep, now you're probably envisioning him in a heated battle against Doc Rivers to the tune of some Incubus song while Kevin Garnett chirps at them throwing the utmost shade. No? Well, you are now.

Needless to say, we seized the opportunity to ask him all the hard-hitting questions before his 18th professional season officially gets underway. Such as, what was up with the whole copy-and-paste emoji debacle?

Did he really call "GAME" before he drained that buzzer-beater against the Atlanta Hawks in Game 3 of the Eastern Conference semifinal series? You know, the one that prompted him to give this epic postgame interview:

What is your favorite song to play in "Guitar Hero Live"?

"California King Bed" by Rihanna

PS4 or Xbox One?

My kid's are all about PS4, but I gotta go with Xbox One.

Who is the best gamer among your teammates?

I don't know yet. But I am having a party for everyone this weekend and will have the game set up, so we will find out soon.

What prompted you to share an image of an emoji in your infamous tweet during the NBA emoji frenzy?

The guys gave me a really hard time about that. I was just trying to be different.

Was emoji practice part of your offseason training?

Yeah, I know how to use them now.

Now that you are fluent in emojis, do you have a favorite emoji?

The rocket, definitely the rocket.

How much of a role did you play in bringing DeAndre Jordan back to Los Angeles?

I jumped on the plane with Steve Ballmer and Doc Rivers to go see him in L.A.; there were five of us that flew out there. I knew it would be difficult trying to contend without him. So I went and talked to him. I was part of the camp at his house that stayed until he made his decision. There were so many reports that came out of that, but we were just having fun at that point.

Did you really call "GAME" before your memorable buzzer-beater versus the Hawks?

You heard me.

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LeBron James and Stephen CurryAP Photo/Ben Margot

Recently we brought you the top 10 players, as rated by the latest "NBA 2K" game.

The ratings for "NBA Live 16" also are here -- and they're quite a bit different.

Here's the top 10 (and ties):

1. LeBron James (97)

2. Kevin Durant (96)

T-3. Anthony Davis (95)

T-3. Marc Gasol (95)

T-3. Blake Griffin (95)

T-3. James Harden (95)

T-3. Chris Paul (95)

T-8. LaMarcus Aldridge (94)

T-8. DeMarcus Cousins (94)

T-8. Stephen Curry (94)

T-8. Russell Westbrook (94)

That's right: LeBron James (no surprise) is No. 1, 2014 NBA MVP Kevin Durant is No. 2, and a handful of talented stars across positions come in tied for third.

Meanwhile, the reigning NBA MVP is tied for eighth -- definitely an eye-opening number for a player many consider the best in the league. Then again, perhaps "NBA Live" is drawing upon more than just last season for its ratings; few before 2014-15 had Curry in that top-player-overall conversation.

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