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The Celtics and 76ers will match up in a Game 7 after Philadelphia pulled off an 82-75 win at home. Allen Iverson's presence energized a crowd that Kevin Garnett had earlier criticized as lackadaisical and fair-weather, but that likely won't be a factor when the series returns to Boston. What might be a factor is the possible absence of Avery Bradley, whom the Celtics could lose for the remainder of the playoffs because of a shoulder injury. We'll find out what all of this means Saturday night.

Which team wins?

The Celtics missed several opportunities to put this series away, as their horrible shooting percentage doomed them in Game 6.


Which team will win Game 7 of the Celtics-76ers Eastern Conference semifinal?


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Contenders without Bradley?

Avery Bradley has been the Celtics' secret hero on more than one occasion this season. His absence could be huge.


Are the Celtics championship contenders if Avery Bradley is unable to play?


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Could Iverson come back?

Allen Iverson's most recent stint playing basketball in Turkey ended when he underwent calf surgery. Could he still play in the NBA?


Could Allen Iverson still play in the NBA?


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