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The trade deadline has passed, and big names keep being announced as the dust clears. Perhaps the biggest name moved was Indians C/1B Victor Martinez (to the Red Sox), but the White Sox also made a splash with the acquisition of Jake Peavy. Both players strengthen their respective new teams, but are they all that's left?

Rob Neyer can't tell you that; he's not a psychic, people. But the man's full of analysis over what definitely did happen.

Sean (New Haven)

Can you discuss Masterson in Cleveland? Immediately into the rotation, Stretch in AAA or will he remain in the bullpen until Spring? What's his outlook in that park? I love his stuff.

Rob Neyer
Rob Neyer

I love his stuff, too. But he's got a 1.63 K/BB ratio as a starter in the majors, and that's more of what the Indians don't need. Not saying he can't improve, but he's far from a sure thing as a starter.

Seth (Portland, ME)

Who will catch Wakefield when he returns now that V-Mart is here? Tek usually hasn't usually and right now Kottaras does right now, will V-Mart be able to catch the knuckleball?

Keith Law
Rob Neyer

I think probably not, but 1) as I mentioned earlier, Kid '66 is still on the DL, 2) September and the bigger rosters are just a few weeks away, 3) Martinez figures to play a lot of first base, and 4) Wakefield doesn't figure to pitch a lot in October. Problem solved!individual players, like the Alvarez over Posey/Smoak decision. Full transcript.

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