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At least if Pedro Martinez struggles in his initial starts with the Phillies, he's playing for a fan base famous for its patience and empathy. Yes, this should end well.

There was a time when SportsNation would have taken Martinez over just about any pitcher who ever lived. Asked to pick a starter for an all-time AL All-Star team earlier this season, voters picked Martinez of 2000 vintage ahead of the best of Roger Clemens, Lefty Grove, Jim Palmer and Johan Santana. Of course, there was also a time when a majority of people thought Tracy McGrady was a better leader than Kobe Bryant.

As Martinez makes his Phillies debut against the Cubs Wednesday night, he can't even earn enough popular support to merit his spot in the rotation. And considering SportsNation already thinks he's a borderline, at best, first-ballot Hall of Fame candidate, the next few weeks could make those memories of his best years fade away.


Moyer's ERA and winning percentage are much better in the last month or so. In fact, during July, when the Phillies turned it around, Moyer was 4-1 with a 3.30 ERA. He also won 5 straight starts during June and July. I think any team would want that.

-- UWhusky2
Carol Vessey

Nobody really knows whether Pedro will be effective. Smoltz and Glavine were both effective in their minor league outings but were unable to make it back in the bigs. Give Pedro a few starts and if he doesn't perform no harm done. Moyer has done nothing this year so there is little to be lost by replacing him in the rotation. If Pedro pitches well keep running him out there, if not Moyer is ready to step back in.

-- Carol Vessey

Well [Moyer] has been an starting pitcher for the last 25 years, so of coarse he is gonna feel negative about being put in the pen, the guy deserves better respect after what he did for them last year. We still love you Jamie here in seattle and we hope you come back next year strong as before.

-- nao888

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