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You know there's going to be significant fallout from a NASCAR race when the winner is barely relevant in the postrace coverage. Kyle Busch celebrated his victory at California, but the real story was Joey Logano wrecking Denny Hamlin and then getting into a postrace shoving match with Tony Stewart. Logano has come under some fire for his actions, although Roger Penske just attributes the final-lap wreck to ""hard driving." We'll be interested to see how other drivers react to Logano in future races.

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Post-race dustups?

There have been a fair number of postrace fights in NASCAR as of late, as tensions on the track have boiled over.


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What was/is/will be your typical Sunday at 20 years old?

Pick up two hits and drive in three runs in an MLB game? (Granted, an MLB game in which someone named Bud Norris pitched.) Play 41 minutes on the road in the decisive game of a playoff series in the NBA? Drive 120 mph in traffic without incurring the wrath of the state police and beat Tony Stewart, Mark Martin and Dale Earnhardt Jr. to the finish line?

Let's just say Jason Heyward, Brandon Jennings and Joey Logano, respectively, aren't your typical 20-year-old slackers. But Sunday, they also weren't nearly the most impressive members of their demographic in professional sports. That honor goes to Rory McIlroy, who despite not being able to celebrate with a beer unless he waits a couple of days or makes a quick trip back to his native Northern Ireland, shot a 10-under 62 to fend off Phil Mickelson in the final round at Quail Hollow. And don't even get us started on 18-year-old Ryo Ishikawa shooting a 58 to win an event in Japan ... darn overachievers.

But does putting together one of the more memorable weekend performances in recent times, and doing it against Mickelson, make McIlroy as much of a household name as the likes of Heyward or Jennings? Vote!


I don't think Rory's a fluke, he'll have plenty more wins soon enough. Out of all the young "flash in a pans", he's always struck me as the most likely to mature into a consistent winner. Him and Anthony Kim. Not that this makes me some kind of fortune teller, it's a pretty common opinion from what I've seed/read.

-- CaptainTr1pps

Give credit where it's due. [Ishikawa] hits a 58, and only because he missed a birdie putt on the last hole. That's just sick. The only way anyone on this thread could do this is with a PS3 or Xbox 360. With mulligans.

-- broadway_joe_99

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