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There was a time when starting the day by talking about an NHL goaltender who didn't even play in his team's game the previous night might have signaled the mother of all slow news days. But this is a brave new world we live in, a world after the Olympic gold-medal game between Canada and the United States brought hockey back front and center.

All right, it's also kind of a slow day. But were Penguins fans right to save their loudest cheers for a guy on the other team and boo replays of their star's proudest moment?

Let's set the stage. Much of the NHL got back to work last night (not that SportsNation was watching), including the Penguins and Sabres playing in Pittsburgh. All reports suggest Sidney Crosby -- you know, the guy who rescued hockey in Pittsburgh and brought the city the Stanley Cup last spring -- got a nice enough welcome. But not nearly as loud and warm a welcome as Sabres goalie Ryan Miller, who was dressed but not playing after his extensive and extraordinary work for Team USA. And when Crosby's game-winning goal was replayed in the arena (twice), more than a smattering of boos followed.

So what's the call? We're going to assume the name isn't literal, but SN commenter "CrosbyIsMySon" summed up one perspective.

Scott (NYC)

Ryan Miller = thoroughbred. Can he deliver us beloved Sabres fans a Cup???

E.J. Hradek
E.J. Hradek

I don't think there's any one guy that can deliver the Cup. It's too hard to go through four 7-game series. The closest thing we saw was back when J.S. Giguere had his amazing run. It's tough. Buffalo has some good pieces in place to help him. This experience has to give him some confidence. Another year or so and some of these younger guys get some more experience, maybe Buffalo can make that next step up the ladder. Full transcript

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