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When you've got a good quarterback, you've got a chance to win in the NFL. When you don't, you change starters. Maybe you sign a free agent off the street as insurance. And maybe you take inspiration from Batman and illuminate the night sky with the Brett signal -- as in Brett Favre -- like the Rams reportedly did.

Now, don't expect live reports from Hattiesburg, Miss., as Favre says he's retired. For good. Really. But it makes us wonder how confident the Rams are in backup Kellen Clemens replacing the injured Sam Bradford. The Rams aren't alone in this boat -- not when the Browns are about to trot out their third starting QB of the season and the Vikings are choosing between Josh Freeman and Christian Ponder.

Meet Me In St. Louis?

Brett Favre gained a reputation for wavering on retirement, but he was firm Thursday that his career is over.


Is that Brett Favre's music?

The Rams reportedly reached out to Favre despite the fact it's been nearly three years since he has played in an NFL game.


Valhalla I am coming

Matt Cassel, center, quarterbacked the Vikings' only win of the season. But Christian Ponder, right, is set to start if Josh Freeman can't.


Opportunity knocks

Jason Campbell was passed over the first time the Browns changed quarterbacks. He'll get his chance Sunday against the Chiefs.


Hard times

Campbell is replacing Brandon Weeden, who has struggled mightily this season in Cleveland.


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