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SportsNation is pretty definitive that a lot of players with big numbers won't be making induction speeches in Cooperstown. But as more and more names are crossed off the list due to performance-enhancing drugs, will the plaque-making industry go under entirely?

It appears fans tired of disappointment are turning to Ken Griffey Jr. as a beacon of legitimacy. Among the four active players who either have 500 career home runs or are within striking distance, Griffey is the only player with anything close to unanimous support for the Hall of Fame.

SportsNation's Hall of Fame Approval Ratings
Ken Griffey Jr.: 97 percent
Jim Thome: 64 percent
Gary Sheffield: 50 percent
Carlos Delgado: 50 percent (if he reaches 500 home runs)

And what about Ivan Rodriguez, who Wednesday night set a record for career games caught? A guy with double-digit totals in Gold Gloves and All-Star appearances, Pudge has the support of a healthy -- but far from unanimous -- 67 percent of SportsNation.


if Pudge is the greatest catcher of all time I guess we have to say Bonds and Clemens are the gretest at their positions.

-- fmc132

Pudge is not only the greatest Pudge of all time, but the greatest catcher of all time as well. The fact that there are no substantial accusations, or even anecdotal evidence, linking him to steroids makes him all the more impressive. Congrats, Pudge Rodriguez, on a great achievement.

-- LL316

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