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We've seen Dewayne Wise save perfection. Jerry Hairston Jr.? You are no Dewayne Wise.

A potential second perfect game this season was undone in Baltimore Monday when Hairston Jr. booted a grounder with two outs in the the seventh, but Andy Pettitte still gave Yankees fans nearly seven innings of hope they might see something special.

And while the rest of us can always take satisfaction in Yankees fans being denied, what's the best pitching performance you've ever watched from start to finish?

There seem to be two tiers of answers. First, there's any game you've watched on television. It counts, but it's the Golden Globes of witnessing greatness. Then there is the second tier, the Oscars, which comes with games you witnessed in person from the stands. Were you there for Buehrle's perfect game? Kerry Wood's 20 strikeouts? A near-miss that nobody else now remembers? Let's hear the stories.


It has to hurt to lose a shot at immortality like that, but Pettitte was kind enough to console Hairston...and classy enough to credit Nick Markakis, who broke up the no-hitter after Hairston's error. What a guy.

-- berberage

yankees vs red sox in ALCS. 7 games. hairston j.r. walk home run. that should make up for his error.

-- brillyaunce

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