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When do you give up on a franchise? It's a simple question, but that doesn't necessarily mean it has an easy answer for baseball fans in Pittsburgh these days.

The city has championship teams in the NFL and NHL, and while there's some rebuilding to do without DeJuan Blair, the University of Pittsburgh basketball program gives hoops fans something to look forward to in the winter. What the Steel City doesn't have is a competitive baseball franchise. And while the folks running the show say they're trying to change that, should Pirates fans -- or the remaining players -- believe it after Tuesday's pair of trades makes it four starting outfielders dealt since the beginning of last season?


I understand the reasononing behind the trades. Their farm system is unproductive and they are on pace for another losing season. However with only six games behind the nl leading brew crew I dont think its time for a fire sale. Getting rid of the talent is only going delay them another season of making the playoffs. All I gotta say is they better be active in free agency next year because we have the pitching now we need the power.

-- steelsityswammi

Pittsburgh fans should boycott this organization and do not buy any tickets for the remainder of the year.

-- iceman4342

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