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Marlins second baseman Dee Gordon went 3-for-4 on the final day of the MLB season to narrowly edge Nationals right fielder Bryce Harper for the NL batting title.

After accomplishing such a feat, one can expect an outpouring of praise and adulation from fans, friends, family and peers. Unless those folks have the wrong number.

A flurry of congratulatory messages were texted to Gordon in the wake of his feat -- only he didn't receive several of them because they were sent to his old number. Instead, Joe Adel received those messages and shared them in a tweet to Gordon: "I think I have your old cell phone # n people are giving you love and your not receiving it. Congrats man"

Dee Gordon@JoeAdel21

Adel is a former pitcher for the USF baseball team so he's probably used to some celebrity. But nothing can prepare you for having a pro athlete's following.

Here's hoping Adel has unlimited text messages.

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