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Philadelphia is notorious for its pretzels; the city also is notorious for its avid sports fandom.

Unless you've been living under a rock for the past week -- no, let's take that back, even people under rocks have heard the news -- you know that in another one of Chip Kelly's interesting offseason moves, Tim Tebow has been signed to the Philadelphia Eagles.

Tebow joins the Eagles contingent of misfit quarterbacks assembled by Kelly (including Tebow's former Jets teammate, Mark Sanchez). Needless to say, the people of Philadelphia took action to properly acknowledge his arrival:

Yes, thanks to the good folks over at the Philly Pretzel Factory, you can now enjoy chomping down on a "Tebowing" Tim Tebow treat whenever you please, for only $1 (as advertised on Twitter).

Naturally, this token of Tebow affection couldn't go unanswered by the haters. Those in Philadelphia who are A.T. (anti-Tebow) acted quickly to counter the sweet gesture by the pretzel factory. This is where the "No Tebow" pretzel comes into play. We wonder what it would be like to have a pretzel invented with the sole purpose of trolling you. Is that when you know you've made it?

Simply because the Internet is a cruel place, someone was inspired by all the Tebow pretzels, and thus decided to introduce the "Sam Bradford" pretzel, in reference to the Eagles' other new QB. We're just going to leave this here. ...

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The Eagles made the signing of Tim Tebow official Monday.

Rival Washington? It -- or at least its social media department -- wasn't about to stay quiet:


Or was it? If you're well-versed in Twitter memes, you'll know that Kermit sipping tea is the traditional background photo for the "none of my business" trend, the Internet equivalent to "I'm just sayin'." This typically includes a damning statement on top or in the Twitter text (e.g. "Tim Tebow has a total QBR of 33.4 since 2010"), then the boilerplate fake-shrug at the bottom ("but that's none of my business").

But this picture has none of that!

Now, one might argue that everyone on Twitter knows the Kermit thing by now, and everyone on Twitter at the moment knew the Tebow signing had just become official. Also, not adding any text gives the team plausible deniability: "Tebow who? We just thought it was a funny photo!"

But lack of wording could leave some people confused. Also, trolling a team with a much better recent history -- and with no indication as to what was none of its business -- left Washington open to counter-trolling.

Like so:


Still, we don't want to hit Washington too hard for this. Good-natured, sports-related trolling is almost as fun as the games. (Plus it would be way too easy for someone to fire back with, say, "the writer of this post has less than 700 followers ... but that's none of my business.")

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The Jaguars' quarterback situation is so desparate -- one passing touchdown, fewer than 400 yards, and two interceptions in two games -- that fans are actually petitioning the team to sign Tim Tebow as their starting quarterback. Can you believe it? At least one group of fans plans on spending three hours and 16 minutes (in reference to a bible verse Tebow had on his eye black in 2009) at a rally to convince the team to sign him. We can't see a counter-rally in support of either Blaine Gabbert or Chad Henne materializing, but would this really be a good call for the Jaguars?

Here's a sampling of what readers had to say in our Facebook conversation on the story:

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