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During the same stretch of days in which Sam Bradford took his first snaps in an NFL preseason game and the Nationals signed Bryce Harper, Royals pitcher Bryan Bullington picked up his first major league win. We like our sports irony like we like our coffee, thick and served up by someone from Kansas City.

Eight years ago, Bullington was in Harper's shoes after the Pirates made him the No. 1 overall pick in the 2002 draft. After all those years, he's progressed from complete bust to nice story ... but he's still a bust, at least until he repeats Sunday's feat about 50 times. And when you think about names like Courtney Brown, David Carr, Matt Bush, Kwame Brown, and Alex Smith, he's hardly alone in that category as a former No. 1 pick.

So as Bradford, Harper, John Wall and NHL No. 1 pick Taylor Hall get set to begin their pro careers, who are you most confident won't be the next Bryan Bullington?

Harry (NY)

Is the hype and media attention surrounding this year's draft a bit much - what happens next year when there isn't a Harper or Strasburg to generate excitement?

Keith Law
Keith Law

I think part of my job and BA's and Jonathan Mayo's and KG's is to generate it. Next year's draft class is epic. It doesn't have the single star prospect, but it is freaking stacked with talent. Full transcript

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