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Here are the answers to our World Cup All-Haircuts Team quiz!

How many did you get correct?

All-Haircut TeamESPN

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The World Cup is a place for astonishing highlights. And we're not talking about the soccer.

No, we're referring to the haircuts, a great source of personal expression for players across all continents. Some are outlandish. Some are muted yet still recognizable. So we ask: How well can you identify these locks? Check out our photo below, and then take the quiz!

Note: Last names OK in quiz.
All-Haircuts TeamESPN Illustration

Quiz not working? Give up? Check out all the members All-Haircuts Team, revealed!

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LeBron James and Kevin Durant are putting up big scoring numbers in this year's NBA playoffs. LeBron dropped 49 points on the Nets on Monday; Durant scored 40 against the Clippers on Sunday. That's no surprise, considering their regular-season scoring prowess, but where do they rank among the NBA's all-time greatest playoff scorers?

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The Kentucky Derby is on Saturday, and between the hats, the outfits, the mint juleps, and the mud, there will be an actual horse race going on. The Derby is perhaps the most prestigious race in all of sports, with winning horses achieving something close to legendary status. Can you name the past 10 horses to come in first place at the Derby? Take our quiz!

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Albert Pujols smacked two home runs Tuesday night, making him the 26th player in MLB history to reach the 500 home run mark. Over to you, baseball history buffs: Can you name the other 25? Some are obvious, but several -- unless you've got your MLB milestones memorized -- are tricky.

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