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Seattle could use some good news. After a good start, the Mariners are fading and Ken Griffey Jr. looks like a very-near-future Hall of Famer. The Sonics are long gone, of course, and the Seahawks are coming off a disappointing season. Even Starbucks has been reduced to sponsoring the target of Jon Stewart's ridicule, "Morning Joe" on MSNBC.

So forgive the good people of the Emerald City if they get excited about Nick Montana. Joe Montana's son Nick announced Wednesday that he'll play quarterback at the University of Washington once his high school career wraps up.

At this point, the Huskies should be happy if he's the second coming of Chris Simms.


Everyone wants to get on us for the winless season, but really...there's nowhere to go but up! Montana is a great signing for UW and I expect nothing but improvment from the total team over the next couple years. The Huskies will be back, trust me. We're going to sneak up on a few teams on our way back to the top of the Pac-10!

-- joshkellerseattle

A Pac-10 school in Washington should land one of the top H.S. QB's from Washington ... which by the way happens to generally be the hot bed state for passing QB's in the country generally. So what does Sark do ... goes to So. Cal instead ... cuz thats the only place he has ties to recruit in rather than strengthen his ability to instate recruit.

-- Bric875

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