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Remember when Carson Palmer used to play for the Bengals? Before the pseudo-holdout and the emergence of Andy Dalton, Palmer was actually a pretty good quarterback at times in Cincinnati. Could he be a pretty good QB in Oakland? The Bengals reportedly are on the verge of trading him to the Raiders for a first-round pick in 2012 and a conditional first-round pick in 2013. That sounds like a pretty good haul for a guy who wasn't even playing for the Bengals, don't you think? Or are the Raiders finally getting a potential franchise quarterback out of a bad situation?

More: Would you start Jason Campbell over Palmer if both are healthy?

Are the Raiders overpaying?

In most years, a first-round pick from the Raiders could be an amazing haul. This year, it might result in a pick very late in the round.


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It's been a long wait, but for Cincinnati sports fans, the good news is finally yours again.

The University of Cincinnati got things rolling in 2010 with a BCS appearance (we won't mention the final score against Florida), but that was just the appetizer. Absent from the playoffs for 15 years, the Reds continue to lead the NL Central as the baseball season rolls on toward Labor Day, and highly touted rookie Aroldis Chapman nears his MLB debut. And the Cincinnati Bengals promise to be one of the NFL's most entertaining teams. They might even be good, too.

Terrell Owens and Chad Ochocinco played their first preseason game together up the road in Canton, and while Owens made more noise talking about his departure from the Cowboys than he did in limited time on the field, his presence helps Bengals games rate as must-see television -- at least in the Queen City.

Nick (Cincinnati)

Is there any hope that Carson Palmer can get back to the form and promise he once showed, or is he just average (or worse) since the injuries? Or is the offensive line more of the culprit of the bad passing offense last year?

ESPN NFL Insider KC Joyner
KC Joyner

The issue for Palmer is that he doesn't have anyone who can beat top-line coverage. Cincinnati faces a brutal set of CBs this year and neither Owens nor Ochocinco did much of anything against red-rated CBs last year (check out the Insider article I wrote last week for more details). The Bengals are going to once again be a run-first team. Full transcript

Clay D (NY)

Other than St. Louis, which team in either league has the best pitching staff for the post-season?

Hall of Famer Joe Morgan
Joe Morgan

First of all, I don't think St. Louis has the best pitching. They have the best two or three guys, but then where do you go? As far as depth and bullpen, I don't think they have the best pitching. I think the Reds have the best pitching with the least amount of pitching experience. I think they have the best 5 starters. They're not as good as Carpenter or Wainwright, but they have 5 good starters. Depth wise, I think the Reds have the best depth. Full transcript

Chaz (Dayton, OH)

Coach, how is your family adapting to life in the Queen City?

University of Cincinnati football coach Butch Jones
Butch Jones

We love it. I've said it on numerous occasions, Cincinnati is a big city with small town values with tremendous pride. It's a great city to raise a family, especially with small boys. We couldn't be prouder to be residents of Cincinnati. Full transcript

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Carson Palmer says he's all for the Bengals bringing in Terrell Owens to play opposite Chad Ochocinco, a move we can only assume would necessitate Jeff Probst taking on sideline reporter duties for CBS. But would that even be T.O.'s strangest pairing of 2010?

We talked earlier this week about Ochocinco's upcoming run as a "Dancing With the Stars" contestant, but unless Roger Goodell will be dancing with him instead of fining him, that's small potatos compared to Owens reuniting with Donovan McNabb.

The apparently former feud foes will team up with Antonio Gates on Spike TV's "Pros vs. Joes" to play Hakeem Olajuwon, Rick Fox and Kenny Smith in basketball. Can a Conan O'Brien appearance on Jay Leno's couch be far behind?


unlike football, TO seems to be a pretty good teammate when it comes to Reality TV shows. Well at least for the one he did for ABC

-- phillkoo

Hey T.O., in case you forgot, those passes will be low and behind you. Good thing in basketball you're allowed to bounce them.

-- CraigoB52

Let's hope McNabb doesn't get tired because we all know who T.O. will blame if the Pros don't win....

-- MShlyank

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Should we offer a moment of silence for fantasy football owners coming to the realization that Saints safety Darren Sharper has scored more touchdowns this season than Steven Jackson, Brandon Jacobs or Anquan Boldin?

The Saints are just outside the top 10 in total defense at the moment, which is kind of remarkable when you think about how often their opponents have the whole field to work with after yet another Saints touchdown and yet another Saints kickoff. Sharper may not be the sole reason for the success, given that he shares the field with guys like Charles Grant and Jonathan Vilma, but as a newcomer with a league-best six interceptions and three touchdowns, he's becoming the face of it.

When push comes to shove, 67 percent of SportsNation prefers a great defense to a great offense. But are you ready to give a guy like Sharper MVP consideration?

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