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It's not cheating if you don't get caught. That's the moral code that seems to govern everything in sports from basketball and soccer players flopping for calls to NASCAR teams fiddling with physics and football players holding opponents, trapping balls and selling calls.

All except golf, where as's Jason Sobel writes, it would have been remarkable only if Brian Davis didn't call a 2-stroke penalty on himself on the first hole of Sunday's playoff against Jim Furyk, potentially costing himself a large chunk of change in prize money and his first American win.


Rules are rules but some of golf's rules were created when gutta percha balls were used for tournament play. Time to update some of the rules to the 19th, 20th or even heaven forbid, the 21st century. If golf had something like instant replay, concerning a rules question, and the shot in question was filmed/videoed, a USGA official could take a look to see if the player had gained an advantage. Davis gained no advantage so there shouldn't have been a 2 stroke penalty IMO. Lousy way to end a tournament. Really lousy.

-- uncbluegoat

I wonder how many players would have "noticed" that thin reed move, in the backswing ? Meaning, how many of them would have mentioned it ? Davis made me a fan today.

-- olpunchy

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