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For a guy who made more money than the entire populace of SportsNation pulls down in a year by being two steps ahead of the cutting edge in technology, Mark Cuban sure loves to go retro with his basketball rosters.

With the reported imminent addition of Shawn Marion, the Mavericks look more and more like the best team 2002 ever saw. To be fair, it's not as if Dirk Nowitzki, Jason Kidd, Jason Terry and now Marion ceased being good in the decade's early stages. But 2002 was a long time ago -- Avril Lavigne and "Spiderman" long -- and there's a reason 94 percent of voters previously said the Mavs wouldn't reach the NBA Finals during the duration of Jason Kidd's three-year extension.

Adding Marion might bring a few people back to the bandwagon, but if you see Juwan Howard, Shawn Bradley or Nick Van Exel walking around the team facilities, it's time to worry.


I still dont think this helps out the Mavs too much. Marion might win them 5 reg season games, but will get blown away in the playoffs. This is why the mavs will fold tent in a couple years. not planning on the future and taking Lux Tax hits like this. Kidd was a bad trade a coulple years ago and they are still eating crow.


Cuban has screwed this team up as much as he can. He is now trying to build an older version of Golden State, an all offensive team that plays no defense and goes nowhere in the playoffs. Just three years ago they had such a nice team, it's a shame.

-- Torrerox

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