Rank 'Em: New York's Most Loathed Sports Figures of 2010

Created: December 21, 2010, 5:27 PM

ESPN Illustration

This is New York. If you can make it here ... well, you know the song. But if you can't make it here -- or don't want to come here in the first place? Well, we didn't want you, anyway.

We polled our writers and editors to make our top-10 list of the most hated sports figures in New York this year -- which you can view here -- but we're much more interested in what you think.

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-- Matt Marrone, ESPNNewYork.com

  • While it wasn't jilted quite like Cavs fans were by "The Decision," Knicks Nation was severely brokenhearted this summer.
  • Oliver Perez kept his roster spot even after being banished to the bullpen, finishing the year with a perfect 0-5 record, a 6.80 ERA and more walks than strikeouts. He also made $12 million.
  • Cliff Lee shocked the baseball world by spurning the Yanks and taking less money to return to the Phillies -- the Mets' hated rival. You're killing us, Cliff.
  • Isiah Thomas' return to the Knicks seems pretty far-fetched. Right? Not to Thomas himself.
  • A.J. Burnout, er, Burnett, was the poster child for the Yankees' pitching problems in 2010.
  • James Dolan sent Isiah Thomas to make a last pitch to LeBron James -- how could that have failed?
  • The Mets' GM got the boot, but he's still a part of the organization despite a tenure marked by epic collapses, followed by abject mediocrity.
  • K-Rod didn't pitch after Aug. 14, three days removed from punching his girlfriend's father outside the family lounge at Citi Field.
  • If at once you don't succeed, right? Wrong. The Yankees shouldn't have tried, tried again on Vazquez.
  • Mets fans know all too well one time-tested truth in sports: You can't fire the owner.