Rank 'Em: The 20 Greatest Yankees

Created: March 24, 2011, 2:52 PM

ESPNNewYork.com Illustration

Building our list of the greatest Yankees was no simple task.

We picked 50 -- now we're asking you to rank 20.

After weeks of mulling over our ballots and counting votes from our writers and editors, we put together what we feel is a pretty amazing group of ballplayers -- which you can view here -- but we're much more interested in what you think.

Did we get it right -- or would you scramble it up? Are Mariano Rivera and Derek Jeter too high? Or perhaps they're too low? We've put our top 20 below to give you a chance to rearrange the order yourself.

Hover your mouse over the images below for more details, then rank your favorite Bombers by dragging the thumbnails to the right.

For more info -- and some amazing photos -- click here to check out our 50 Greatest Yankees gallery.

-- Matt Marrone, ESPNNewYork.com

  • The Babe embodied everything Yankees.
  • Joltin' Joe was a three-time MVP, driving in 1,537 runs.
  • "The luckiest man on the face of the earth."
  • Hall of Fame center fielder won three MVPs and seven rings.
  • Mr. Automatic has five rings and a 0.71 ERA in October.
  • "Baseball is 90 percent mental and the other half physical."
  • The Captain has five rings, five Gold Gloves and 11 All-Star appearances.
  • The Chairman of the Board may be the greatest big-game starting pitcher of all time.
  • Red won seven rings, averaging 17 wins over his first 13 years as a Yankee.
  • An 11-time All-Star and Hall of Fame catcher, Dickey hit .313 over 17 seasons.
  • Donnie Baseball dominated the mid-'80s with nine Gold Gloves and an MVP.
  • In 1976, Munson was named the Yanks' first captain since Lou Gehrig.
  • A-Rod is the second man to hit his 600th HR as a Yank and has won two MVPs in pinstripes.
  • Goofy won six rings, posting a 6-0 record in seven World Series starts.
  • Mr. October's three HRs in Game 6 of the '77 World Series remain the stuff of legend.
  • Andy won more postseason clinchers than any other pitcher in history.
  • Louisiana Lightning went 25-3 with a 1.74 ERA in 1978.
  • Poosh 'Em Up Tony hit 6th for the Murderers' Row, batting .309 with 102 RBIs.
  • Bernie won four Gold Gloves, four rings and the '96 ALCS MVP award.
  • The Scooter won eight World Series titles and grabbed an MVP in 1950.