Rank 'Em: Jets Free Agents

Created: July 14, 2011, 3:59 PM

Now that the lockout's over, the Jets have some big decisions to make on the free-agent front.

Who do YOU think should be their top targets?

Using players both in-house and from around the league, we're asking you to rank your personal priorities for Gang Green's green.

Drag or click the player headshots below to rank them, then click submit to share your choices with your fellow fans -- and find out who they've got topping their lists.

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How are the points calculated?
On a poll with 10 options, a No.1 ranking equals 10 points, a No.2 ranking equals 9 points, etc. The item with the most points will be ranked first.
  • He's a game changer. The Jets could use one.
  • He's a big target for Mark Sanchez and blocks like a madman.
  • He's a good, man-to-man corner. Kyle Wilson isn't ready.
  • He's a Wildcat-master and can do anything.
  • His heir apparent -- Wilkerson -- isn't ready yet.
  • He's improved lately and he is cost-effective.
  • He provides depth for a team that dresses 10 DB's for a big game.
  • He's a standby if Edwards takes off.
  • A huge, motivated target for Sanchez.
  • A widely feared WR.
  • A great pairing with Darrelle Revis.
  • He's probably the best corner on the market after Nnamdi.
  • Rex Ryan knows him and he might come at a bargain price.
  • He's a tough run defender who could replace Bryan Thomas.