Updated: Oct 8, 2005, 11:31 AM

Vote: Which team will win the ALCS?

The White Sox and Angels meet for a place in the World Series.

One team is led by a fiery ex-shortstop, a master of bold strategy used to being the center of attention in the middle of the infield. The other team is led by an ex-catcher, a man who does his work behind the mask and behind the scenes. The former's team represents a city of blue-collar fans thirsty for their first title since 1917. The latter's team hails from the land of sunshine, glitz and glamour but still seeks its own spotlight in a region long ruled by the Dodgers.

The ALCS offers contrasting personalities from contrasting cities, but ultimately two teams that bring the same old-school flavor to the diamond. And it's just the respite many fans sought from another year of Boston and New York.

So what will happen SportsNation? Vote on all the major ALCS questions!


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