Updated: Mar 12, 2006, 4:42 PM

Vote: Who's been the best at the WBC?

The field has been narrowed from 16 teams to eight at the inaugural World Baseball Classic. With second-round play about to begin, we want to know what SportsNation thinks of the action so far.

Who has been the best player in the WBC? Is it Team USA superstar Ken Griffey Jr. (right), Dominican standout Albert Pujols or a lesser-known talent like Japan's Tsuyoshi Nishioka? Which team has been most impressive, and what's been the biggest surprise in your eyes? Has the level of play lived up to expectations? And which team is going to win the whole thing?

And there are also considerations beyond the actual games being played, such as whether the tournament is being staged at the right time and using the right format.

Give us your opinions, SportsNation! Cast you votes and tell us how you rate this venture in baseball internationalization.


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