Updated: Jul 5, 2006, 2:26 PM

Vote: What are the best things in college sports?

Sooner Schooner
Where does the Sooner Schooner rank?
The athletes cycle through every four years, but some things in college sports never change. And perhaps for the very reason that the names and numbers on the jerseys change so frequently, college sports represent a repository of cherished traditions linking generations of fans together.

Some are moving, like players from Army and Navy putting victory or defeat behind them to sing the school songs after a fierce gridiron encounter. Other are amusing, like the University of Georgia's Uga, a real bulldog who has been known to nip at opposing players during games. And some, well some are just strange, such as nicknames like the Mule Riders or Banana Slugs.

As the summer winds on, with campus greens trod upon by only a smattering of summer students and stadiums sitting empty in advance of the fall sports season, it seemed like a good time to survey SportsNation on some of the things that make college sports such a satisfying experience. Which school has the best mascot? Which school has the best nickname? What's the best college town? Vote on a host of topics, SportsNation!


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