Updated: Nov 14, 2006, 8:37 PM

Vote: Will Matsuzaka sign with Red Sox?

 Daisuke Matsuzaka
What would you pay for the mega-talented Matsuzaka?
The Boston Red Sox have won the right to negotiate with Seibu Lions pitcher Daisuke Matsuzaka after posting a high bid of $51.1 million. Matsuzaka is an absolute rarity in any league -- he's a 26-year-old free agent, throws everything from a 95-mph heater to a devastating slider, and is surprisingly durable, having once reportedly thrown 250 pitches in a 17-inning game in high school.

Now, the Red Sox will begin the difficult process of negotiating a contract with Matsuzaka. He's retained Scott Boras as his agent, so his services won't come cheap. Still, with Curt Schilling on the brink of retirement and Josh Beckett coming off a disappointing year, a potential star pitcher may be well worth the money.

Dropping a lot of money on overseas pitching is a risky proposition. For every Hideo Nomo that successfully makes the trans-Pacific journey, there's a Hideki Irabu lurking beneath the waves. How do you think Matsuzaka will fare?

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