Updated: Jul 20, 2007, 11:12 AM

Vote: What do you think of Barry Bonds?

Barry Bonds is approaching the all-time home run record.
Love him or hate him, people can't stop talking about Barry Bonds.

His chase for the all-time home run record, set by the immortal Hank Aaron, has been beset by rumor, controversy, and innuendo ever since it became apparent that the fearsome slugger had a chance at history. Bonds' pursuit of the record has been called many things--joyless, tainted, destructive--but at this point, it's more appropriate to call it inevitable. At some point in the near future, Barry Bonds will hit career home run #756, and all of baseball will be unable to avoid that singular fact.

How should we approach baseball in a world in which Barry Bonds stands atop the home run mountain? On Wednesday, July 25, in San Francisco, ESPN will convene a Town Meeting, gathering prominent voices in the game, before a live audience. The SportsCenter Special will air live from 6-7:30 p.m. EDT.

BEYOND 756: An ESPN Town Meeting will discuss Bonds' legacy and how the record and the so-called Steroid Era will impact baseball's future. It will examine the role of Commissioner Bud Selig, the issue of fairness to a generation of players, what role race has played, and the Hall of Fame question.

Your answers to these questions will help shape and frame the debate. Give us your opinion now!


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