Updated: Aug 10, 2007, 12:02 AM

Vote: What separates cheating from strategy?

Was Joe Niekro cheating or bending the rules?
The link between baseball's past and present is part of the game's appeal. Much has changed in the last century, but it's easy to see the connection between Christy Mathewson and Greg Maddux baffling hitters or Honus Wagner and Jose Reyes tearing around the bases.

But the same is true of Kent Hrbek pushing Ron Gant off a base in a scene reminiscent of John McGraw grabbing runners by the belt as they rounded third base. Breaking the rules, unwritten or otherwise, is as much a part of the game's history as home runs and fall heroics.

Where do you draw the line between outright cheating and cagey gamesmanship?

Below you'll find some examples of various forms of cheating quite familiar to baseball fans. Your task is to determine which acts are part of the game between the lines and which go over the line.

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Vote: What does cheating mean to you?
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