Updated: Aug 9, 2007, 5:40 PM

Vote: Are you a cheater?

Do you always obey the rules?
The police try to keep track of the big stuff, but how quickly would you foul out if everyday life came equipped with referees ready to call every little violation of the rules of good behavior?

Cheating in sports, in all its various forms, has become a major topic of discussion this summer, but for every corked bat there might be several thousand illegally downloaded songs. And before you get too up in arms about a basketball player flopping to draw a foul or a football player using performance-enhancing drugs, have you ever snuck a few freebies through the self-checkout lane or strayed from a relationship?

As ESPN.com continues to look at how cheating impacts the sports we love, SportsNation wants to know how much cheating goes on away from the courts, fields and rinks.

Vote: What does cheating mean to you?
Vote: When does gamesmanship become cheating in football?
Vote: When does gamesmanship become cheating in baseball?


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