Updated: Jul 7, 2008, 2:51 PM

Vote: Who deserves to be in New York?

Does an injured David Ortiz deserve an All-Star nod?
The All-Star rosters are out, and it seems as though everything's coming up Red Sox and Cubs.

Both Boston and the North Side of Chicago have seven All-Star representatives, the most of any teams in major league baseball. Some players, like Geovany Soto and Kevin Youkilis, are clearly deserving of the honor. Others, like David Ortiz and Kosuke Fukudome, may have lesser arguments for the privilege of starting. Ortiz in particular had an off year before being injured, and will be unable to start; Milton Bradley of the Rangers will take his place. Still, the fans felt that Ortiz should have started, despite his relatively low numbers.

That being said, there are many players in both leagues who could have been named to the team, had the votes fallen one way or the other. Who were the biggest snubs, SportsNation? Cast your vote now!


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