Updated: Sep 29, 2009, 3:04 PM

Vote: NFL Reality Checks

Mark Sanchez, Rex Ryan Are Rex Ryan, Mark Sanchez and the Jets contenders at 3-0?

Starting a season 3-0 beats the other alternatives, but it's not exactly a guarantee of Super Bowl parades to come. Of the seven teams to open this NFL season with three consecutive wins, which are due for a reality check and which are really championship material?

At least four teams have started 3-0 in every season save one since 2000, but only twice did two meet in the Super Bowl (the Colts and Bears after the 2006 season and Patriots and Eagles after the 2004 season).

One team's perfection will end when the Jets and Saints meet this weekend, but what about the outlook for all seven of this year's quick starters?


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