Updated: May 3, 2010, 12:46 PM

Vote: Should professional sports and social issues meet?

Chase Field Will Chase Field host the All-Star Game?

Is the 2011 All-Star Game scheduled for Chase Field in Arizona fair game in the debate over the state's recent legislation on illegal immigration?

In the days since Arizona passed the law stirring up debate nationwide, the sports world has not completely escaped the controversy. A New York congressman called on Bud Selig to move the 2011 All-Star Game out of Arizona, and San Diego Padres slugger Adrian Gonzalez joined a list of players and coaches speaking out when he said he wouldn't play in next year's game if it's held in Phoenix.

When, if ever, should the sports world collide with the social and political debates outside it? Can athletes play a role in the conversation, and do they or owners risk losing your support if you disagree with them?


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