Updated: May 17, 2010, 10:08 AM

Vote: MLB Quarter-Season Predictions

LeBron James Might ace closer Matt Capps and the Nationals win the NL East?

What do you make of the first quarter of the MLB season?

Baseball's 162-game season may be more of a marathon than a sprint, but there are still mile markers along the way to October. And with teams reaching 40 games played this week, it means we're a quarter of the way to completing the trek. So what do we really know?

The Reds, Padres and Nationals are among the teams exceeding preseason expectations, but will they keep it up? Are the Red Sox out of the running in the AL East? And which players are setting the early place for major individual awards?

From division predictions to Cy Young and MVP picks, take stock of the baseball season to date and then cast your votes below.


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