Updated: May 25, 2010, 1:41 PM

Vote: Super Bowl In New York?

Super Bowl Could the Super Bowl get a whole lot less sunny?

On the surface, the New York metro area seems to be the perfect place to host a Super Bowl. It's the economic and cultural center of America with a rich athletic tradition and a brand-new stadium. Unfortunately, fans and players won't be considering the surface; they'll be considering the roof.

Or, more precisely, the lack of a roof. New York and New Jersey in February can get rather chilly and snowy, and the new Meadowlands Stadium stands open to the elements. That hasn't stopped the Giants and Jets from putting in a bid for the 2014 Super Bowl, a move that could break up the near-monopoly that warm-weather cities have had on the Super Bowl -- heck, even Super Bowl I was held in Los Angeles. Is New York's appeal worth risking a Super Bowl played in a blizzard? Cast your vote now!


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