Updated: Mar 16, 2011, 12:51 PM

Vote: Heaven's Sports Bar

Colts Doctor J is the most recognizable doctor in sports, but who do you see as most notable from these other names?

In Rick Reilly's Heaven's Sports Bar, there's a mug for every name -- but only one person can get in per mug. Who would you pick to join the ranks of the sports elite based on their names?

Some choices are easier than others -- Babe Didrikson was amazing, but Babe Ruth has a lock on that particular nickname. Dale Murphy rocked the National League in the '80s, but Dale Earnhardt looms large as the most recognizable Dale. We've taken a selection of the toughest choices from Reilly's list for you to vote on. Do you agree with his choices, or would you let a different clientele into Heaven's Sports Bar?

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