Updated: Apr 29, 2004, 1:55 PM

Vote: What's the toughest sport of all?

What's harder than fighting for your livelihood -- and life?
ESPN.com's Page 2 has examined dozens of sports to find the hardest -- and the easiest (go fish) -- and the results are a surprise to some people: Page 2's experts have determined that boxing is the heavyweight champion of sports.

Do you agree? Or is hockey tougher than "The Sweet Science"? Or is it baseball that's the real hardball -- I mean, when's the last time you hit a 99-MPH fastball?

We want SportsNation's take on Page 2's take on the thrill, agony, and strenuousness of sports.

Vote now!

And debate sports' degree of difficulty with Page 2's writers and experts on The Show.


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