If you don't want to watch the replays -- and trust us, unless you have a strong stomach, you really should stay away -- we'll sum it up for you: Anderson Silva's attempt at kicking Chris Weidman's leg ended in about the worst way possible. Weidman retained his belt, but the real story here is if Silva can make a comeback from his gruesome injury. That kind of injury isn't necessarily a career-ender, but it'd be a difficult thing to recover from even for a young man. Silva looked like he was evenly matched against Weidman before the injury, but at 38, his stellar career might have been on the downswing anyway.

Here's a sampling of what readers had to say in our Facebook conversation on the story:

Possible comeback?

Anderson Silva's heart didn't seem to be in his past few fights, but he might feel he still has something to prove after a second loss to Chris Weidman.


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