Pineda ejected for pine tar

Michael Pineda got caught with his hand in the pine tar jar on Wednesday night, as he was ejected after umpires spotted a foreign substance on his neck. Ejections for pine tar are rare -- this is only the fourth one in the past 10 years -- perhaps because the potential advantage offered doesn't completely seem worth the risk of ejection and suspension. It's certainly a less serious issue than other potential rules violations; everyone involved seems more embarrassed than angry or outraged. On Thursday, Pineda was suspended 10 games for the incident.

Do you have a problem with pitchers who use pine tar to gain a better grip on a baseball?


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  • How many pitchers do you believe use pine tar or another illegal substance when pitching?


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  • What do you make of MLB suspending Michael Pineda 10 games for "possessing a foreign substance on his person" Wednesday night against the Red Sox?


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