Roy Hibbert's playoff struggles continued Monday. The Internet noticed. And not just regular Internet users like you and us. Big names, like former NBA stars Gilbert Arenas and Tracy McGrady, both of whom trolled the Indiana Pacers center for his zero-point, zero-rebound performance in his team's 102-96 Game 1 loss to (formerly) Arenas' Washington Wizards.

Arenas fired several shots, including a fake Jeopardy answer:

Arenas also reposted a famous meme that made the rounds the last time Hibbert posted the ol' double-zero:

Meanwhile McGrady, who recently embarked on another career, took some time out from throwing pitches to throw a few words Hibbert's way:

They weren't the only noteworthy people who noticed Hibbert's -- and Indiana's -- continued troubles on the court. Jeff Teague, whose Atlanta Hawks took the Pacers to seven games in Round 1, chimed in:

Parody Twitter account @FauxJohnMadden imagined what a video game controller based on Hibbert's playoff performance would look like:

Heck, even Samuel L. Jackson had something to say:

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