Uruguay advanced to the knockout round with a dramatic 1-0 win over Italy, but all anyone can talk about is Luis Suarez's rogue teeth.

Suarez appeared to bite Italy's Giorgio Chiellini in the 79th minute of the match, the third time in his career he's been involved in such a controversy. Take a look at the aftermath:

Luis SuarezJavier Soriano/AFP/Getty ImagesLuis Suarez, left, checks his tooth after allegedly biting Giorgio Chiellini.
Giorgio ChielliniJulian Finney/Getty ImagesGiorgio Chiellini (3) tries to show the match official his allegedly bitten shoulder.
Giorgio ChielliniTony Gentile/ReutersA close-up of Giorgio Chiellini's shoulder, which Luis Suarez allegedly bit.

Though Suarez didn't receive any penalty during the match, Twitter wasn't so easy on him.

Some suggested a bit of extra equipment for Suarez in his next game (whenever that is):

Others expressed disbelief that Suarez pulled a stunt like this on the world's biggest stage:

Many users theorized that Suarez might have escaped from the set of "The Walking Dead":

U.S. Soccer's Sydney Leroux thought that Suarez's alter ego might be a certain cannibal psychiatrist:

One user suggested that Suarez was playing the wrong game:

SportNations's Twitter counterparts compared Suarez to a vampire -- but not a cool vampire like, say, Blade or Dracula:

If you're going to take on Suarez, you might need a bigger boat:

McDonald's of Uruguay offered Suarez a more appetizing meal (Translation: "Hi, Luis Suarez. If you are still hungry, come take a bite out of a Big Mac."):

This poor user who happened to share Suarez's last name implored people to stop angrily tweeting at him (Translation: "I'm not Luis Suarez! There are many Suarez in the world. I'm not Luis Suarez, please!"):

Finally, some words of wisdom from a man who has first-ear experience with an opponent snacking on him:

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