They might be on the outer fringes of the playoff race.

They might have just traded their top pitcher.

But a Joe Maddon team isn't not going to keep it fun. So, as they have been doing all season, the Tampa Bay Rays embarked on another dress-up road trip.

The theme: formal wear. Or, as the manager Maddon put it, "James Bond." Of course, give a bunch of 20- and 30-something guys freedom to maneuver, and they might interpret things in a very unusual way.

Like, say, going with "Dumb & Dumber"-themed outfits, as Jake McGee and Brad Boxberger -- awesomely nicknamed "Jake & The Box" -- did. (Don't they know it's too late to audition for "Dumb and Dumber To"?)

The duo wasn't alone in its silly choice. Director of travel and clubhouse operations Chris Westmoreland, bench coach Dave Martinez and third base coach Tom Foley chose to go with, uh, "camoformal."

Pitcher Alex Cobb got closer to normal, going with a tuxedo style shirt and, of course, a Solowheel. (Question: Were you aware of the Solowheel's existence?)

It wasn't all jokey, though. Some folks just had style:

Who needs David Price?

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