"Full House" is returning to the airwaves, and no one is more pumped about it than the San Francisco Giants. They're even having a tribute night on Sept. 30.

So what did they do to promote it? They recreated the opening credits of the hit show, naturally, and it's pure gold.

From Uncle Jesse Katsopolis playing the guitar ...


To Danny Tanner shining his car -- err, scooter ...

Danny Tanner

To Joey Gladstone's charming way of taking off his sunglasses while rocking a popped-collar jacket ...

Joey Gladstone

To D.J. putting her own picture on the mantle ...

(But it's weird to put up your own picture, right? So they improvised.)

Full House

DJ Tanner

To Stephanie's pose after she threw the Frisbee to Comet (the adorable dog, remember?) ...


To Michelle jumping on her bed ...


And last, but certainly not least, they included the famed family picnic as the opening credits come to a close ...


You can watch the whole video here, including an appearance from the real Joey (Dave Coulier) at the end:

Well done, Giants. Maybe add some Kimmy Gibbler to the mix next time.

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